Sunday, June 20, 2010

Countries you DON'T visit for the food

According to Amazing facts, these are the Countries With The Worst rated Food In The World: "

United Kingdom 24.6% - The U.K was never known for it's food. So I have to agree here.

United States 10% - Everything is fat and gives you a heartburn. I didn't even know what heartburn was until I visited the U.S.

China 3.8% - Chinese food is great UNDER perfect circumstances. It's actually my second favorite. But 90% of the restaurants you will find, as a tourist, are questionable.

Russian Federation 3% - Russians are always busy with something. But it rarely has to do with (spending a significant amount of time on) food.

Germany 2.7% - Germans tend to like things; plain, or in simple shape. Not very much into seasoning or mixing stuff together?

Australia 2.2% - I think they have the same problem as Germany.

Ireland 1.9% - Even the chef knows people don't go to Ireland for the food, they go for the beer.

Philippines 1.8% - I don't think I've ever trie d Philippine food, maybe there's a reason it's rare to come across.

The Netherlands 1.7% - Too many things slip under the radar politically in holland, it probably does it the kitchen too.


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