Saturday, September 17, 2016

5 Tips for Saving Huge Money on your Cell Phone Bill

  • Only perform App Updates on Wifi Network. 

There's no point wasting bandwidth on the go. Do them manually or automatically only when on a free wifi network.
The settings for auto updates are in the App Store / Play Store. Make sure "Auto update over Wi-Fi only" is selected. Then you go through each app manually and select auto-update, to enable it to update on its own.

  • Look for alternative cell phone plans for your usage.

For example if the biggest part of your bill comes from internet usage, you can perhaps save some money with a 4G hotspot to use for internet on the go.

Or if you don't use the phone much, some plans might let you pay by the minutes used
I like the service from where I don't pay any more than what I've used that month.

  • Use a free voip App

If you wish to keep your phone bill as low as possible you can get a free voip call/text app such as Google Voice, and make calls and texts only while you're on wifi or home network. This depends on your provider and charges may still occur.

Using facebook messenger is also free if you're on a wifi or home network.
For some help with your calculations: An app phonecall uses about 1.2mb per min.
That's 1.2 gb to talk for 1000 minutes.

  • Download your local google maps.

Download your local area in Google Maps. It takes up a little bit of space on your phone, but saves you the data charges of having to download it on the go every time. GPS navigation on its own doesn't use much data, but another good tip is to:

  • Lookup directions and start navigation on wifi, before you start driving.

Friday, September 16, 2016

6 Ways to Organize Your Life Using Evernote

Use Evernote for your everyday tasks, such as creating to-do lists, keeping personal records, and saving important documents. When it’s all organized in Evernote, you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

Make lists for things to do, items to buy, and more.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Most Useful Apps for Android & iPhone

Did you ever spend a couple of hours learning the ins and outs of your phone? And in the App Store, after getting all the games and fun things, did you check out the top rated apps and learn what they're useful for? A couple of things that you might be happy you did.
"We have the internet in our pockets. Entire libraries and star databases are cataloged, but we mostly just look at funny cat pictures." -TubeBlogger
Luckily, most of the apps below don't use much space, so you'll still have enough for taking pictures and videos. These Apps are mostly what I consider essentials:

Google Maps

Google Maps is my best friend while traveling. I can search for my destination and get turn by turn navigation for walking, driving, bus, or bike routes. It will even tell me (somewhat accurately) when the next bus is leaving.
Download Google Maps for offline Viewing
Some tips from and Google Support

Smartphone Utility Tools

Did you know your smartphone has a built in compass, bubble level, ruler, flashlight, unit converter, calculator, and more?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Travel Easy - Maps, Apps, and Gadgets

Getting ready to go on the perfect trip where you didn't forget anything?
There used to be at least one thing I'd forget when I went on a vacation.
I didn't always have any fancy gadgets, but there'd be the extra glasses, shorts, sneakers - simpler things I'd forget.

With a smartphone I can at least make a checklist for things to remember, like this Camping Checklist/App , and then print it out or keep it on my phone.

Google Maps

Google Maps view of Trail Hiked for the 26 April 2013 TURRI ROAD TO TURTLE ROCK Workout Hike, Morro Bay, CA.
Turri Road to Turtle Rock Workout Hike - Mike Baird
Google Maps is my best friend while traveling. I can search for a destination and then pick the walking, driving, bus, or bike route. It will even tell me (somewhat accurately) when the next bus is leaving. And how much uphill and downhill is involved in my trip.

Downloading the Maps to Use Offline

You can even use google maps without internet.
There's a special feature in Maps to download the maps for offline viewing.

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