Wednesday, July 3, 2019

How to Make an Email List for Free

Maintaining an e-mail list or newsletter is an important tool for marketing, and staying in touch with your customers or fanbase. There are many ways you can offer email subscription button on your website, using custom input forms, or one of the services listed below.


This useful Google tool can be used to create a simple email subscription box.
You can also set up automatic email feeds from your rss or website.
Or download your email list as a text file to send newsletters manually, or from another service.


Saturday, May 19, 2018

Build a Gaming PC for Under $600

Building your own gaming rig can definitely save you some money compared to buying a pre-built one.
The parts you'll need are listed below, and we've made sure they all work well together to play the latest games in 2018. Also works great for game design, graphic design, and video/sound editing.
Once you're ready to put it all together go to page two for the tutorial on the actual building of the computer.

The Computer Case

The Computer Tower itself will house all the hardware. Cooler Master HAF is a nicely organized tower, and great for doing exactly what the name implies, keeping the hardware cool (and looks cool at the same time).

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Interior Design and How it Affects your Mood

The old mystical ‘doctrine of correspondences’ declares that ‘as things are above, so they will be below’. In other words, conditions in the exterior world affect our inner moods; while conversely our inner state of being also affects the way our outer surroundings are ordered. When stripped down to its basic premises, this is a natural law that people would do well to be mindful of. On a personal level, it implies a profound connection between thought and speech, between a person’s intentions and actions, and between their personality and lifestyle. It is not only theologians and philosophers who have grasped this truth; the same thinking underlies many schools of psychology including neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), whereby patients are taught to remodel the way they think in order to change their perception of events in their lives.

Read more: Sublime Messages of your Interior Design. -Tube Blogger

How to Make a Video Game

Coming up with an idea for a video game has always been easy enough, but up until now its not been so easy to execute the plan. Old video game creation required lots of coding, but with some of the software below you can create a lot with none, or just simple programming. You'll need to make all the assets, and put it all together in a bug free environment using the right IDE

Creating Models, Textures, Buildings, Other Assets