Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Where Bed Bugs Come From and How People Get Them

Bedbugs, lice, and roaches are mankind's biggest pests and have been following us since the stone age, and likely even before.
bed bug life cycle illustrated picture
The Bed Bug Life Cycle
Roaches can be found anywhere there's food, but bed bugs are found mainly in people's houses - and like mosquitoes they live on blood. They live in the mattress, in the bedsheets, in clothes, and in furniture (mostly couches, beds, and chairs). In some countries they are called Wall Lice (veggdyr) or 'Furniture Lice'.

How do people get bedbugs?

Or rather how to not get bed bugs.
If a person has bed bugs in the house they can attach to your clothes. If you're unlucky you bring them home and they might multiply.
They find you by your smell - the CO2 your breathe out and maybe also heat from your body, which is how they find their way to beds and soft furniture.

Video: How To Inspect for And Find Bedbugs

How to get rid of bed bugs

Here are some options:
  • A CO2 machine specifically designed to attract and trap bed bugs
  • A professional exterminator

Monday, October 17, 2016

Blogging Tips - Learning from Tube Blogger's Mistakes


Although we have had a lot of guest writers over the years, I'm the only main writer, editor, and designer, with limited time for the tech related issues of the blog. The blog has sort of bounced back from being stolen and spammed, and someone copied all of our articles. I also did not have time to keep up with Panda SEO updates and the other stuff to keep the blog up to date in search engines.


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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Year of the Fitness Trackers - 2016

2015 was the Year of the Smart Watch, now it's all about the Fitness Trackers. 
 The fitness and activity tracking features on last years smartwatches were the most used, besides checking the time.

Maybe Smart Watches Aren't for Everyone

Dealing with the tiny screen can get a bit clunky on a smartwatch; some things are just much easier on the phone.
The fitness trackers are a bit more affordable alternative smart watches - if you only need something to track your workouts/activity - and perhaps show the time, and maybe a few smart watch features anyway.

How to choose the right fitness tracker

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How to get followers without spending money

Creating a buzz for your brand can be difficult without spending any money.
A few days ago I wrote about Branding Yourself and how important it is to own your brand name across social networks.

Today we will talk about how to find and cover the most engaging topics.

Become an expert in your niche.

Keep up with the topics in your category.
Connect yourself with Klout to measure your influence. Add the topics in your niche to your profile and Klout gives you the latest insights and stories in your topic. Share some of the news daily (better yet write your own article, video, or headlines about it).

Subscribe to some leaders in your topics, or a mailing list such as SmartBrief to get stories early and see what others are writing about.

Another good tip I got a long time ago (though I often forget to follow it) is to focus on one social network at a time. With a service such as Hootsuite you can easily posts a message to several networks at once, but there is a limit to how much you can keep up with on all the networks, replying or engaging with other brands and people.