Bookmarklets to Share to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr

Instead of installing apps and extensions just use bookmarklets.

How to install:
Make a folder called Share on the bookmarks bar, and drag/drop these bookmarklets into it (one by one):

Pin It
Tweet it
to Facebook
WordPress This
Share on Tumblr
Add to Listly
Share on Mix
Flip it

Or just drag them to your bookmarks bar or any folder you wish.
Now you can easily share to your favorite social network with just two clicks.

Building a Gaming Computer for $800

By building our own gaming rig we can definitely save some money compared to buying a pre-built one from the stores.
The parts needed are listed below, and we've made sure they all work well together to play the latest games. Also great for video editing, game streaming, game design, graphic design, and video/sound editing.

How To Record Footage From Ps4 or Xbox One

Do you want to learn How To Live Stream, or maybe just record some footage for yourself? Well then you've come to the right place.
You will need:
A Capture Device like Cloner Box ProA Computer for streaming and editing - or a USB based storage system.A Video Game Device and the right cables And for those coming from the old article, there's now finally something better than the HD PVR2 Recorder by Hauppauge!

How To Get Into Cryptocurrency For Free Without A Mining Rig?

With all the buzz about cryptocurrencies and the latest altcoins you might be one of us who don't have money to invest in these things but still want to check it out. Building a mining rig is not the easiest thing, and can sometimes barely even be profitable and keep up with the power bill.
The good news is there are other ways to get some coins for free. There are many startups and dApps (decentralized apps) that give away coins for checking them out. Plus some freelancing sites where you can work for crypto, although this has yet to get much traction.

Probably the easiest way are 'Airdrop' events. An airdrop might be an ICO (initial coin offering) where only investors can get a hold of early coin; but there are also be free airdrop events where a company gives away some coins for trying their product, or maybe just checking out their social feeds. Let's look at some of these dApps and projects in which you can earn for free.

My new favorite token is the BAT - Basic …

Bitcoin Mining with CryptoTab Browser

The easiest way to earn Bitcoins? Try changing to the CryptoTab Browser and generate bitcoin while you browse the web. You will get BTC for simply using it, even if just keeping the CryptoTab browser open. Your wallet will update every 10 minutes.
CryptoTab - The Easiest Way to Earn Bitcoin and Start a Mining Pool

A review of the Crypto tab browser.

How to Make an Email List for Free

Maintaining an e-mail list or newsletter is an important tool for marketing, and staying in touch with your customers or fanbase. There are many ways you can offer email subscription button on your website, using custom input forms, or one of the services listed below.
Feedburner This useful Google tool can be used to create a simple email subscription box.
You can also set up automatic email feeds from your rss or website.
Or download your email list as a text file to send newsletters manually, or from another service.

Build a Gaming PC for Under $600

Building your own gaming rig can definitely save you some money compared to buying a pre-built one.
The parts you'll need are listed below, and we've made sure they all work well together to play the latest games in 2018. Also works great for game design, graphic design, and video/sound editing.
Once you're ready to put it all together go to page two for the tutorial on the actual building of the computer.

The Computer Case
Cooler Master HAF - $62 The Computer Tower itself will house all the hardware. Cooler Master HAF is a nicely organized tower, and great for doing exactly what the name implies, keeping the hardware cool (and looks cool at the same time).