Saturday, June 12, 2010

Google advanced search tips

Some things you probably didn't know you could do with Google.
For other files you can try adding "filetype:" to your search, for example ASSCI art filetype:txt
To search for mp3 files with google, copy the text below and replace artist, or just click the link above to get to with the text already added, into the search box.

 "parent directory" mp3 OR wma OR ogg OR wav Green Day -html -htm -download -links

Replace Green Day with the artist or song you want and paste the text above into the google search bar.
You can also take out the OR's, the wma's, and ogg's to search for just mp3's and Wav's etc.

Some special searches in Google give you answers directly without having to open any links or do any further surfing.

Ask Google

Some quiz type of questions show results right on the search page, try things like birth place of, or earth surface area.

World Time
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Flight Checker
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Currency Checker
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Define a word with define:word
If you don't know the meaning of a word or subject, for example
define:morbid gives a few definitions and links about the word "morbid"

Phone Directory

In the google search box, type in a person's name or a business name, followed by city and state and you should get telephone number.
To specify your results even more, you can use "rphonebook:" for residential listings or "bphonebook:" for business listings.
rphonebook: Hansen, Los Angeles, CA.
It also functions as a reverse phonebook.
Type in a phone number to see who owns it


Put your searches in quotes to search for exact phrases.
Good for when you have a problem and are searching for a solution, for example "lost my software key" will display pages that have that exact sentence in the text, adding words outside the quotes helps to search within a certain topic.
For example
"lost my software key" windows xp
will display pages with the text "lost my software key" that are most likely related to windows XP.


searches only the titles of webpages and documents and not in the entire text, for example intitle:happy hour will search for pages that have happy hour in their title.

searches only in the text of webpages, and not in the title.
for example intext:happy hour will search for pages with happy hours in their text.

Exclude certain sites from a search, for example you're searching for "chocolate donuts" but don't want to show results from your own page, just replace the sitename with your address. remember to include the quotation marks.

If you start a search with the [stocks:] operator, Google treats the rest of your search terms as stock ticker symbols, and will show links to pages with stock information for those symbols. For example, [stocks: intc yhoo] shows information about Intel and Yahoo.
Also works if you search just on the stock symbols ,without using "stocks:",  and then click the "Show stock quotes" links  on the results page.

Search By Number
For tracking mail you can use parcel tracking numbers from UPS, Fedex, USPS and UPC.
Just enter the number into the search box and hit enter, no special codes or commands.
Also get information on cars by typing in Vin numbers,  find out where area codes are located by typing in the three digits and get information on patents by posting their patent number.



To see how many pages of a site Google has indexed use site: in the search box and press Search. Replace sitename with the site you are trying to find the statistics of.

To see who is linking to a site type link: in the search box and press Search. Change sitename with the site you are trying to find the statistics of.

To see sites similar to a certain site/blog type related:
A good way to find out your competing sites.

To see your sites cache stored in Google use cache:
This will give you an indication of when Googlebot last visited your site.

For information about a site use info:

Supplemental Index
To see if your site has been placed in the supplemental index (which means you have been spamming too many similar keywords)
USE *** -sjpked
OR *** -sljktf


Give Me Back My Google
A different google start page.
Not officially part of google but a useful tool nonetheless, when searching for something that always has a lot of advertised results use this page to filter out the fake top results, and get better results like overall check out.
It will take your search to the regular google page but add some extra tags that filter out certain pages.

A different google start page/search page. 
Gives you suggestions while you are typing in a search.
Similar to Google's "Did you mean?" feature, except that it works in real time.
As soon as you start typing words will come up that start with the letters you type, next to the words it will say how many google results there are for that word.
Quickest way to find the most popular combination of the words you use when searching the web.