Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How to fix the quickfind bug in firefox

If Quickfind comes up when using slash or apostrophe you're not alone, there is a way to fix it.
I recently came across this problem and googled a way to fix it, it was weird because it never used to do that, suddenly one day it started acting funny. As soon as I tried to type a slash (/) or apostrophe (') the quickfind would come up and my typing cursor would end up in it.

How To fix:
Type about:config into the address box in firefox and look for the line accessibility.typeaheadfind.autostart.
If the value is set to true you have the same bug I had, Double click to the right of that line to change it to false.
Hopefully this fixes your problem.
You can read more about the bug Here
which is where I finally ended up and had my problem solved.