Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How to submit blogs to Google

After writing a nice blog and picking the right keywords it is time to post it and submit it to to the Google index. 
For most sites, search engines are the main source of traffic.
This post will focus on the free method of adding your sites to search engines, and still getting high rankings (read other posts for paid methods of getting traffic, usually brings traffic faster)

Sign up with google webmaster tools (sign in with your google username),  add your site url into the text box and click "add".

You will need to verify your site by adding a code into your page (for blogger and other web based hosting systems you need to update the layout to add this code). 
Paste the code Google gives you into the <head> section of your layout, right after the </title> tags (more info on this process on the webmaster tools page when you first add your page). Only click verify after you have successfully added the code.
Blogspot bloggers go to Layout/ Edit html.

Now that your Webmaster Tools account is active there are ways you can optimize your page listing with google.

A site map is basically a lists of every page your site has, whenever your page is updated a new link is added to the sitemap, whenever something new is added to the sitemap google will add the new pages to its index.

Click on "Add A Sitemap", navigate to "choose type" and select add general web sitemap
Blogspot bloggers can simply use as their sitemap, replacing your-page with the name of your blogspot blog.
The RSS.XML file is the same link people use to sign up with your blogs RSS feed, it links to all 
the posts in your blog and always includes the latests posts.
By uploading a sitemap you will get better page ranks, and google uploads your site listings faster whenever you post a new article/upload your page.
It could take some time for the pages to be added the first time, expect from 2 hrs to 2 days.