Sunday, April 6, 2008

How To use Clipmarks

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Clipmarks is a useful tool that allows you to keep the highlights you want from any web page. Whenever you want to save just a paragraph, sentence or just a few words use Clipmarks to take care of this job. Of course, you can bookmark the whole page, but Clipmarks makes that unnecessary when you only want a small segment of the page.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1:
Download Clipmarks (see resource section for the link). Follow the directions on the page to install Clipmarks on your computer.

Step 2:
View the next web page. Join Clipmarks when asked. You must register to use Clipmarks if you want to save your highlights. Register by choosing an ID and password. You will need to provide your email address.

Step 3:
Begin clipping. Go to any web page. If you want to clip on that page, click on the paper clip icon that is now located in the top toolbar on your Firefox or Internet Explorer browser.

Step 4:
See the Clipmarks toolbar that now is on your screen. Run your mouse over the web page. You will see orange boxes pop up as you mouse over the page. Use the orange boxes to capture the highlights you want to clip.

Step 5:
Click anywhere inside the orange box. The word "clipped" replaces the text. Continue to clip parts of the page. When you have finished clipping on that webpage, go back to the Clipmarks toolbar at the top of the page, and click "click here when done clipping" located on this toolbar.

Step 6:
Choose to save, email, blog or print the clip from the pop up box that opens and offers these choices.