Monday, June 7, 2010

How to record home videos / VHS or TV to your computer

Recording Video to your computer.

Depends on what type of device you wish to capture from.
  • A home video camera usually comes with the right cables for connecting to your computer, and also the right software.
  • To record from a TV read my guide on How to record TV or HDTV to your computer
  • For any other device (such as a VHS or your DVR that came with your cable company) or if your camera didn't come with any cables you can use a device that converts regular video to USB
  • For Mini DV tapes etc. you can also use your camera, but the more professional option would be to get a capture deck, like editors use.

Convert Video To USB

This piece of hardware called Diamond is an awesome device

Plug some RCA cables from the OUTPUT of your device (your TV, VCR, Camera, or even gaming machine) into the Diamond, and then plug the Diamond into the USB port on your computer.
Comes with a software that lets you record.
To record from a gaming machine you should read my guide on how to. Because you won't be able to see yourself play while recording unless you get a splitter. (don't worry it's pretty cheap too)

Another device with the exact same features as the Diamind is the Dazzle. It's slightly more expensive because it comes with an editing program to edit your videos (better than windows movie maker).

Video Capturing with capture deck.