Tuesday, September 23, 2008

iPod Vs Other Mp3/Mp4 players

So have you ever considered getting an iPod? Then you must have noticed the prices, up to $400 for the 32 GB iPod Touch, last time I checked.
Even if you just want a regular ipod at 4gb you'll have to dish out $120 or more.
But there are alternatives, cheaper mp3 players that play music, video and radio, can record voice and radio read books, write notes, contacts etc. play games and more.
Comparing them to the iPods, you'll see that you save hundreds for virtually the same equipment.

4GB iPod nano - Goes for $130-150 on amazon or ebay. 8GB goes for a bit more..

The alternative is to get a ipod clone from ebay:

$30~$50 or the 8 or 16 GB touch screen version
The touch screen version is meant to replicate the ipod touch which can get very pricy

32 gig version goes for over $300

you can also get the touch screens with a phone that takes up to three sim cards, meant to replicate the iphone.
"looks and acts just like the iPhone"
$80-190 depending on the winning bid.

The advantage of buying a real ipod for $100-$200, instead of the cheaper mp3's, is mainly the quality of the material.
Also, with real iPods you can connect and auto sync with iTunes, getting the latest podcasts etc.
With the ipod clones you would have to manually add videos, (yes they can play video), usually comes with a software to convert any video to the right format. But there are workaround methods to syncing too,
Now for the advantages of buying a real iPod touch or iPhone vs. the replicas is all the software and games that the new iPhone firmware can run.
The touch clones have basic applications like a calculator, radio, voice recorder and notebook etc. plus some basic games. You can also get touch screen phones with video camera for slightly more
But if you're like me you use you mp3 player mostly for music and maybe videos, most other applications and internet is what I have my laptop for. I never find much use for ipod software.

And there's actually an advantage to buying the iphone clones besides the cheaper price , they take ANY sim card, and you don't have to sign any plans..

Good luck with whatever you choose.

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