Thursday, June 10, 2010

Open Question: Purchasing/installing new speakers in my car?

"I bought an old, relatively crappy '97 Suzuki Swift from my friend before he went on his mission. Everything's working out fine, except the speakers/audio receiver are terrible. I am really good with electronics (computers/home theater) but I have no clue about anything when it comes to cars.

Not only do these cans sound like cell phone speakers, but they short out a lot when you turn the volume knob, or even hit a bump in the road. So I'm pretty sure I'll need to replace both the speakers and the tape deck. I'm definitely gonna upgrade the receiver to something better, something with a cd player and hopefully a 3.5mm input. I couldn't care less about the speaker quality though.

Anyway, if you didn't read anything else, read this: I want to get new speakers and upgrade the audio receiver in my car. How would I go about doing this cheap, and without getting ripped off? Since I am so clueless, I think it would be really easy to get ripped off.

Also, is self installation difficult? I've put together computers before, but I don't know about working with a car..."

Answer: You can try Amazon. They have a new car parts search thing.
And they also have the best books you can find so get the manual for your car.

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