Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some tips and articles from our readers and friends

Welcome to the June 30, 2010 edition of tutorials carnival. Where we present articles from our friends blogs.

Bailey Digger presents 50 iPad Apps for Web Designers posted at Web Design Degree, saying, "If you need help creating a flawless site or simply need to kick your creative juices into high gear, check out this list of 50 iPad apps for web designers."

Alvaro Fernandez presents What is Brain Fitness? How to Enhance Brain Fitness? posted at SharpBrains, saying, "Train your brain and reap big benefits. Understand the pillars of brain training."

EDUmobile.ORG presents Android Development Tutorials-On Completing The Android Development Tutorials, You Will. - Android Tutorials For Beginners posted at Android Tutorial Online, saying, "Learn Android Programming via these simple weekly tutorials for Android developers. Download learn Android online videos and weekly Android development assignments. Access our experts any coding and conceptual problems that you are facing."

 presents Top 10 ways to make money online with Paypal posted at TubeBlogger, saying, "I've tried a couple different sites and online ways of making money and I ended up using some of these for years. This guide focuses mainly on how to make money on your Paypal account, since Paypal seems to be the safest online."

axel presents How To Prepare For A Meditation Retreat posted at axel g.

Biswajit Basu presents Issues on initialization of Array posted at Technolocus.

Jena Ellis presents 8 Reasons Why You Can’t Stay Awake posted at Online Certificate Programs.

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