Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fix for adsense link not opening - V3/App

You might have the same problem I had, and the fix is pretty easy. This seems to be a problem if you're using the new Adsense interface in beta.

  1. Try Google Chrome if you don't already have it. This problem seems to be with both Firefox 4 and Google chrome. On the Firefox page a lot of people have reported this "blank page" problem recently
  2. Turn off your Adblock Plus for that site, or any similar ad blocker program you have running.

I had this problem today when I tried to go to the link
It simply showed a blank page. Being kinda lazy and tired I couldn't figure out what was wrong right away so I googled the thing to see if anyone else had the same problem. And I noticed a lot of people did.

I also remembered that Google updated their Adsense a few days back, and the new beta interface is having problems, so I figured turning the Adblock Plus off would help, and it did!

Another option is to go to this address instead

Notice replace the word App with Disablebeta.

Hope this helps.


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