Friday, May 13, 2011

How to auto Tweet news from your favorite sites

Automatically share news feeds to your Twitter, FB wall, etc.

This guide teaches you how to connect your whole web to Google stuff (Youtube, Google Reader etc.).

How to share the latest videos from your subscriptions, as soon as they upload them, and make it post to your Twitter etc.

First - Autosharing your own Youtube activity:
It's pretty easy to set up your Youtube account to connect with Twitter automatically - so that it 'Tweets' your uploads, favorites, comments and stuff.

Go your account settings in Youtube and then go to the "Activity Sharing" tab where you can choose to connect to your Facebook or Twitter, etc.
See this video for more info on this Youtube feature.

Read pt. 2 here, Autosharing from your Youtube subscriptions, and creating RSS feeds, currently on my squidoo

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