Friday, June 3, 2011

What to do if you dropped your gadget in water?

My mom dropped her phone in water and this is what she did:
Put it in a bucket of rice over-night, it does a great job of "dehydrating", sucking out the water from the phone. Her phone works fine now =D

Not saying it will always work but now you know the first thing to do.

Okay, gotta help people find this article when they search:
Computer, iphone, Android, Laptop (doubt it will work, sadly), screen, mouse, electronics, stuff, clock, watch,  in the bathroom or shower. Or into a toilet, sink, puddle, ocean, lake, river, lost, fell, slipped, damn, damnit crap, shit.
You know, people search some weird stuff sometimes when they're frustrated.

Write something in your language in the comments, gotta help people save the gadgets! =)