Sunday, December 11, 2011

(re)Learning how to Tie our Shoes

We didn't have internet back when I was learning how to tie my shoelaces; and I only knew one way.
Some months back I learned a better way to tie my shoes, when Terry Moore shared with TED talks (video below) a 'strong form of the knot'. It's a small variation of the traditional method I was taught; he pulls the string around the loop the opposite way from what I originally learned.

Tying them this way he says is much better as they're less likely to untie. And I've noticed I haven't had to re-tie my shoe in a while now.

Today I came across this article on 'Lace Them Up: How to Stop pain With Shoelaces', teaching me three new ways to tie my shoes if I ever experience foot pains or loose heels.
Or if the shoes are too tight, I can use two laces per shoe like in the picture to the left.

Thanks to the internet, our kids can now grow up knowing several ways to tie their shoelaces