Sunday, May 27, 2012

Using Gmail Like a Pro

Gmail for Domain Names.
If you have a domain name ( etc.) Gmail might be your best choice for email management.
It shouldn't matter where you purchased your domain name from, google will take you through the settings to set up your new inbox.
Video: How to Create Google Apps/Email for Domains

Auto Forwarding and Send as other Names.

Once you've set up your new email address inbox, , you can tell it to forward all incoming mails to your primary email, or any address. So you won't have to log in there at all.
Vid: Forwarding Emails with Gmail

You can also send mail as from any of your gmail accounts, with a quick setup.
This way you can check all your emails and send replies using any of your adresses, all from one inbox.
Vid: How To Use Google Gmail To Send From Alternate Email Addresses

Organizing your inbox like a Pro

If you get too many emails from different sites and services you might want to set up some filters and folders (labels).
Labels show up on the left side column and you can move emails into them for organization.
But the real power comes from combining them with filters that automatically place new mails in corresponding labels.

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