Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to keep Chrome running Smoothly on your Computer

Chrome is an awesome web browser by Google, allowing for lots of customization and control.
Just like Firefox was the innovator of user functionality and add-ons in it's day, Chrome shares many of the same features, is arguably more user friendly, and has an even faster growing library of extensions and support.

Another thing it sadly has in common with Firefox is that it uses a lot of memory when you have several tabs open, and extensions running.

Managing Extensions

Extensions show up to the right of the address bar. And to the left of the wrench icon which you click in order to manage most things in Chrome.

Under (wrench)-> Tools -> Extensions you can see the full list, and remove/manage your extensions.

Right below the Extensions button in the wrench menu is the Task Manager. If you've wondered which extensions are using the most memory (or CPU) this is the place to go. You can sort by CPU or Memory usage, etc in the Task Manager.

Purge Memory

After long, heavy browsing sessions, Chrome can start to slow down. Purging memory is a way to reclaim some of the memory Chrome has been using,
and with this hack you can do it with a simple click.

Bookmarklet Vs Extensions

Certain tasks like saving onto your favorite social network, or other processes from a websites don't necessarily require an extension, many sites offer bookmarklets which you can save to your bookmarks bar folder, or drag it there.

Bookmarklets (also go by other names) never use any memory while idle in chrome, until you click them.
In the screenshot below, most of mine are just simple links. But they can be JavaScript codes that open menus etc. like the diigolet plugin.

If you don't have a bookmarks bar, space below your address bar, you can find it under wrench menu --> bookmarks and "show bookmarks bar" .

To place links on the bookmarks bar you need to access the Bookmark Manager (from wrench icon or right clicking grey space). Though some websites give you a bookmarklet to drag to the bookmarks bar, it's nice to know how to organize it yourself. You can even have folders with links if you want.

Whenever you favorite/bookmark a website in chrome it gets added to one or more folders, you can find all of these, organize, rename them etc. in the Bookmark Manager. (bookmark it).

There's a special folder in there called Bookmarks Bar, anything placed in there will show up as a button your browser like the screenshot above.