Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Earthquake Safety Tips - Illustrated [Infographics]

In some parts of the world, earthquakes occur practically everyday. Most of them are of an intensity so low that the average person is not aware of the tremors, though. Still, in those parts, people are more exposed to quakes that can be felt, and they somehow know how to deal with it.
In other parts of the world, earthquakes are a novelty. That does not mean that an earthquake may not occur anytime, though. With all the natural disasters becoming more widespread and occurring more frequently than in the past, it is but a wise move to know at least the basic safety tips when an earthquake does happen.
There are two main courses to take when you feel the earth moving and shaking literally. One is the “triangle of life” while the other is “drop and cover”. Basically, the triangle of life tells you to take cover next to pieces of furniture, in a fetal position. This is due to the fact that there usually is a void, or space, right next to that object when the roof or ceiling collapses.
On the other hand, drop and cover dictates that you immediately seek shelter under a piece of furniture such as the table. The premise is that the table will protect you. If, you’re in bed, however, the suggestion is to stay there and protect your head with a pillow.
Learn more about these two safety methods and other ways on how to survive an earthquake below.
How Do You Survive An Earthquake? by Infographiclabs
Shane Caulkin is a web designer living in Japan. He has learned how to live with the imminent threat of earthquakes, and he enjoys the countryside and also plays with infographic design in his downtime.

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