Monday, June 24, 2013

Useful Bookmarklets for Productivity

Bookmarks Bar below the address bar - With a folder
Bookmarklets are useful links that work as alternatives to extensions.
They use much less memory than extensions and often offer the same functionality. Just like you can drag any link on the web onto your bookmark bar you can drag a bookmarklet there.

First enable the bookmark bar. In chrome
Click the settings dropdown , Bookmarks, Show Bookmarks bar. 

Most social sharing sites have bookmarklets available. For example the Twitter bookmarklet allows you to share the current page you're on to Twitter, saving you a few steps.

Below I've collected some bookmarklets from favorite sites. You can drag these onto your bookmarks bar.
Tip: Create a folder on your bookmarks bar called "share"
Open the bookmark manager, it's right below the "show bookmarks" bar. Right click the Bookmarks bar folder and select new folder. Name it "share". This will now be a folder on your bookmarks bar. You can drag the bookmarklets below into that folder.

Drag these links onto your bookmarks Bar:
Want more? Check out this article - 100 useful Bookmarklets for Productivity.

Heres another tip for organizing your links on the bookmarks bar.
Pimp Out your Bookmarks Bar!