Friday, June 28, 2013

Where should you post that? [Infographic]

Here are some tips for where to post your picture, article, etc. for most views and options infographic of Where to post that
Image provided by Kudo Studios

Some alternatives etc.: Remember to pin a picture after posting it (on Pinterest).
It gives a backlink to the original post.

Some people like to use Tumblr as a blogging platform, as an alternative to wordpress, also (by Google).
Both have more options than Wordpress when you use the free version. Wordpress is king when you put some money in it - better templates, etc.

You can use Google+ or Facebook for your picture portfolio if you already have many followers. Flickr has been the best place place to host your professional photos for a while, but Google+ (with their picasaweb) is growing as well.

The benefit of using Flickr is mainly the licencing options. You can decide whether you want people to be able to use your image by giving you credit (link back). This helps grow your portfolio visibility. A lot of people search flickr for images to use in their works.

I'd upload my picture to all three places. And make albums on all three places; then in the album description I'd link back to the Flickr album.

Important: Use tags and descriptions on all the places you upload your work. Few people will find your picture if it doesn't have any text. They might search for "picture of a Waterfall in Denmark" and your picture won't show up, even if it's the only one of a waterfall in denmark. Because the search engine doesn't know what a picture includes unless it has text.

On Tumblr, reblogging stuff people have posted before, you can get extra views by using tags they didn't use.
For example in the picture meme above, the original poster might have used the tags Matrix, Meme, Funny. And got 5000 views/reblogs
You reblog and use the same tags and get almost no views, why? Because tumblr is smart like that and won't let people get spammed with the same content over and over again; when someone searches "matrix", they won't see the same post over again.
But if the original poster didn't use the tag "movie" then you can squeeze some extra views out of it, by using it, and other new tags, "hillarious".

P.S: I doubt there are many big waterfalls in denmark, it's a flat country.