Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Smart TV vs 4K TV (Ultra HD TV)

A 4K Smart TV With Favorite Video Streaming Apps

The Difference Between Smart Television and 4K Television.

A smart TV with Favorite Social Networks And Channels
A smart TV is a term describing the latest trend in televisions with built in computer and internet capabilities, allowing you to browse the internet, and get a more customized TV experience. Smart TVs can come in many different resolutions. The resolution is a count of how many pixels are on the screen. How many lines the square pixels make up horizontally and vertically. For example the resolution 1920 x 1080, describes a TV with a line of 1920 pixels horizontally, and 1080 vertically, which is the common HDTV size
A 4k resolution is a line of  3840 pixels horizontally (3840 x 2160). So, as you see, a smart TV may or may not be a 4k TV.
A comparison of 4K & 6K with Familiar Resolutions
The actual size of the 4K TV might not be twice of your regular high definition. The pixels are just smaller/more compact, which gives you a much clearer image. Ultra high definition.
As you may already have guessed, the 4K TVs (and higher resolutions, 6k and 8k) are usually quite a bit pricier than the regular HD counterparts.
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