Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Year of the Smart Watches - 2015

There are many options for smartwatches this summer. The large Apple Watch collection has some of the most elegant and expensive companions for your iPhone ; while some high end style and function has started showing up in the more affordable Android Wear smartwatches as well.

Top Dogs: Samsung Gear 2 vs Apple Watch vs LG Urbane

Samsung Gear 2
Apple Watch
LG Urbane
The GoodExcellent Samsung gadget companion w/ many apps. Has the best smartwatch camera, 720p vid, 1.4 MP stillMany elegant styles to choose from. Great iPhone companion with hundreds of apps.Android Wear*. Long battery life with 'always on' display. Gorilla Glass. Changeable watchbands. Barometric features.
The BadHard to get. Only works with SamsungOnly compatible with iPhone 5 and later models.Very large, much bezel to screen ratio. Price...
Price$190-$299$550 - $1099$300
Screen Size1.63-inch1.33" or 1.5"1.3-inch
RAM512 MB512 MB512 MB
Processor1 GHz Dual Core520 MHz S11.2GHz quad core
Storage4GB8 GB4 GB
Battery300 mAh - 1-4 days205 mAh - 1-3 days410 mAh 2-6 days
All three have Bluetooth, fitness features, apps for alarm, weather, text, calls, and slight water resistance (1m, rain, etc.).

More Affordable Android Wear

Samsung Gear 2 Neo
Motorola Moto 360
LG G W100
The GoodNo camera or metal bezel,but otherwise same as the above Gear 2Nice styles and custom watchbands. Sturdy gorilla glass.Slim and light weight. Long battery life.
The BadOnly works with most newer Samsung phones.
Price$149$149 - $224$159
Screen Size1.63-inch1.56-inch2.2-inch
RAM512 MB512 MB512 MB
Processor1 GHz Dual Core1.2 GHz1.2 GHz
Storage4 GB4 GB4 GB
Battery300 mAh - 1-4 days410 mAh400 mAh
All three have Bluetooth, fitness features, apps for alarm, weather, text, calls, etc.
Fewer choices for watchbands.
*Android Wear works with Android 4.3 and higher.

Even Cheaper Smartwatches

Otium / Veezy Gear
The Good0.3MP camera. Good basic Android companion.Similar but with smaller front-facing camera.
The BadLimited to built-in apps and watchbands.
Screen Size1.5-inch1.54 inch
StorageSD Card
Battery380 mAh
These cheap alternatives have basic built-in apps for timekeeping, and: Calls, Text, Music, Contacts, Pedometer, Calendar, and basic Bluetooth controls. And also the benefit of SIM card slots, to use the watch as a phone, and SD cards for up to 32 GB storage . For some of the features check your Android or iOS version.