Saturday, September 17, 2016

5 Tips for Saving Huge Money on your Cell Phone Bill

  • Only perform App Updates on Wifi Network. 

There's no point wasting bandwidth on the go. Do them manually or automatically only when on a free wifi network.
The settings for auto updates are in the App Store / Play Store. Make sure "Auto update over Wi-Fi only" is selected. Then you go through each app manually and select auto-update, to enable it to update on its own.

  • Look for alternative cell phone plans for your usage.

For example if the biggest part of your bill comes from internet usage, you can perhaps save some money with a 4G hotspot to use for internet on the go.

Or if you don't use the phone much, some plans might let you pay by the minutes used
I like the service from where I don't pay any more than what I've used that month.

  • Use a free voip App

If you wish to keep your phone bill as low as possible you can get a free voip call/text app such as Google Voice, and make calls and texts only while you're on wifi or home network. This depends on your provider and charges may still occur.

Using facebook messenger is also free if you're on a wifi or home network.
For some help with your calculations: An app phonecall uses about 1.2mb per min.
That's 1.2 gb to talk for 1000 minutes.

  • Download your local google maps.

Download your local area in Google Maps. It takes up a little bit of space on your phone, but saves you the data charges of having to download it on the go every time. GPS navigation on its own doesn't use much data, but another good tip is to:

  • Lookup directions and start navigation on wifi, before you start driving.