Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Travel Easy - Maps, Apps, and Gadgets

Getting ready to go on the perfect trip where you didn't forget anything?
There used to be at least one thing I'd forget when I went on a vacation.
I didn't always have any fancy gadgets, but there'd be the extra glasses, shorts, sneakers - simpler things I'd forget.

With a smartphone I can at least make a checklist for things to remember, like this Camping Checklist/App , and then print it out or keep it on my phone.

Google Maps

Google Maps view of Trail Hiked for the 26 April 2013 TURRI ROAD TO TURTLE ROCK Workout Hike, Morro Bay, CA.
Turri Road to Turtle Rock Workout Hike - Mike Baird
Google Maps is my best friend while traveling. I can search for a destination and then pick the walking, driving, bus, or bike route. It will even tell me (somewhat accurately) when the next bus is leaving. And how much uphill and downhill is involved in my trip.

Downloading the Maps to Use Offline

You can even use google maps without internet.
There's a special feature in Maps to download the maps for offline viewing.
  1. On your phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app Google Maps.
  2. Make sure you're connected to the Internet and signed in to Google Maps.
  3. Search for a place, like San Francisco.
  4. At the bottom, tap the name or address of the place. If you search for a place like a restaurant, tap More More.
  5. Select Download .
Note: You can store your offline areas on your device or an SD card. If you change the way you store your offline areas, you’ll have to download your offline areas again.
The biggest size for an offline area is 120,000 square kilometers. If you try to save a bigger area, you'll be asked to zoom in to a smaller area.

iOS Help - via Ting - Read More

mapscache_02 - Save Money on your Phone Bill
Tap the bottom info bar, then the settings icon in the top right and select “Save offline map.”
mapscache_03 - Get $25 off your Next Smart Phone Purchase
Zoom in or out to select the region you want to download, tap Save, name it and you’re done!


Evernote is a good app for keeping memory notes, records, and snapshots of documents, receipts and cards. Evernote Blog: 6 Ways to Organize your Personal Life with Evernote

Customize your phone and laptop to last the whole flight

A few tips to help your battery last a long time:

Turn of wifi, bluetooth, and location service; and turn the screen brightness low enough where you can still see it.

Some of my friends don't like the Battery Doctor app for smartphones, but I do. It can automatically do those battery saving tasks for me when the battery gets low (in case I forgot).

Your phone and laptop might have its own app, settings or "energy saving mode" as well. If you're technical enough you can customize or use a mode for your gadget where it doesn't use much battery.
Then you can (perhaps) listen to your music or audio book the whole flight without the battery dying.

Packing up
I usually put the heavy charger for the laptop in the suitcase.

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Camping Checklist / App