Thursday, September 15, 2016

Most Useful Apps for Android & iPhone

Did you ever spend a couple of hours learning the ins and outs of your phone? And in the App Store, after getting all the games and fun things, did you check out the top rated apps and learn what they're useful for? A couple of things that you might be happy you did.
"We have the internet in our pockets. Entire libraries and star databases are cataloged, but we mostly just look at funny cat pictures." -TubeBlogger
Luckily, most of the apps below don't use much space, so you'll still have enough for taking pictures and videos. These Apps are mostly what I consider essentials:

Google Maps

Google Maps is my best friend while traveling. I can search for my destination and get turn by turn navigation for walking, driving, bus, or bike routes. It will even tell me (somewhat accurately) when the next bus is leaving.
Download Google Maps for offline Viewing
Some tips from and Google Support

Smartphone Utility Tools

Did you know your smartphone has a built in compass, bubble level, ruler, flashlight, unit converter, calculator, and more?

If your phone can turn the screen around when you tilt it, then you can use the bubble level feature as well as many other things from the pocket knife apps.
Called Pocket Knife for Kindle Fire / Best Phone Tools in iTunes Marketplace.


Use Evernote for your everyday tasks, such as creating to-do lists, keeping personal records, and saving important documents. When it’s all organized in Evernote, you can quickly find what you’re looking for. Read More - Evernote Blog: 6 Ways to Organize your Personal Life with Evernote

Google Goggles

You might run into a QR code or Barcode in the real world and want to know what it reads - then Google Goggles comes in handy.

But what's more - Google Goggles can also read Landmarks, Logos, Artwork, Products, and Businesses in the real world, and give you information about it, powered by the Google Search Engine. Making it an excellent Augmented Reality App for your phone.

Just open the Google Goggles App and point the camera at the object of your interest.
It can translate foreign language text for you, just take a picture in snapshot mode, and make sure you have the Google Translate App installed as well

More Apps for Android:

Travel Easy - Traveling Maps, Apps, and Gadgets

Soundboard App - Use while riding a bike or car to play high quality sound effects so people can hear you coming.