Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Building a Photography Portfolio Online

Some tips for building a photography portfolio.
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My Free Stock Photos
Some Free to Use Stuff from my Flickr.
I suggest using Flickr where you can easily change the settings and tags on multiple pictures at once.

Make an album on Flickr with your Stock Photography (or curated images - add other people's stock photos).
Use very descriptive tags and captions to help people find your images and albums.

As you can see, not all of my pictures are great but some are still getting lots of views as people use them. Even a picture of a grocery bag or dishes might be something someone can use in a project or video some day. But I'm sure you have lots of better pictures than that.

Understanding Creative Commons

On Flickr you have many options for licensing your photos for free.
Make some of the images free to use with attributions so you can start building links to your portfolio. People will credit you by name or link to your portfolio. This is important; people often search for free to use images to use in their projects, and they might come back to you for more.

How to create albums and edit batches of photos

Make your best images "All Rights Reserved", meaning nobody can use them without permission; and write a small description of how to contact you.
How much to sell the images for is up to you. I suggest starting with small prices $20-$100 until your portfolio is more popular.

Organize your folder so that the best images are featured on top, then people are more likely to browse your albums.

Social Media

Don't forget to feature your best images on social media. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

On Facebook make a Public Album of your best photos (re-upload them). When strangers visit your facebook page they only see your public albums and updates. Write a description on how to contact you or where to find the rest of the images.

On Twitter and Google+ I suggest sharing the images over time. Don't upload them to the network but share the Flickr link. Maybe share one image per day, or every couple hours if you have a whole bunch. You don't want to spam your followers with 1000 pictures in one day, sharing them at timed intervals can help you build a following.

On LinkedIn I suggest linking to your album every now and then when there are special updates - batch of new images.

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