Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Household Tips: Why You Want a Motorized Screen

We’ve all had the experience of sitting down on the porch to enjoy a balmy summer evening when the buzzing starts. The bugs funnel in, slowly at first, but begin coming out in droves as the sun starts to go down.
mosquito image

So what do you do? You can try lighting a citronella candle to help ward them off that way, but that also increases the number of chemicals you’re breathing in, which isn’t ideal. You can always screen the porch in, but that’s not ideal either; you end up losing the view or having to make repairs at some point. Other than that, you’re often stuck going inside, and missing out on the beautiful weather. Fortunately, there’s an option that gives you the best of both worlds, a motorized screen.

The Motorized Screen and Why You Want One

Think of the way the power windows work in your car. Push the button, the window goes down, push it again, the window goes back up. The same principle applies to the motorized screen. The screen itself is wound around a spindle which is then powered by a motor. When you push the button, the screen follows the track and goes down, providing you instant relief from the bugs without the need for chemicals. When you’re done, push the button and the screen goes back up. Simple.

Why Not Just Install a Permanent Screen?

While having a permanent screen in place is cheaper from the outset, it’s not always the best way to go. If you’re home has a particularly scenic view, you might not want the screen in the way all the time. What’s more is that screens can become damaged during storms, when the wind grabs debris and whips it into the screen, it can cause rips and tears. When this happens you have one of two options, you can stitch them back together, which results in an ugly looking scar for your screen, or you have to replace the entire thing. When you live in a place that is prone to storms and high winds, that becomes a less desirable option. With the motorized screen, you can eliminate the worries of replacement by simply retracting the screens when a storm is coming.
Motorized and retractable screen come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Not only are they easy to install, but they also tend to last a lot longer than a permanent screen, as you can protect them from the elements. If you’re building a new home, then consider having them installed during construction, otherwise, they can make for a quick and easy DIY project for a weekend for the home handy do it yourself-er. With Summer just around the corner, porch season is soon upon us, don’t spend your time stuck indoors because of bugs and other buzzing nuisances. Enjoy your porch more during the fall without the need to sweep up leaves and other debris from the neighboring trees. Enjoy an uninhibited view of the sunrise as you enjoy your morning cup of coffee; all of these are possibilities with a motorized screen.

Guest Author Ken Uhrich likes houses. In fact he lives in one. You can drop him a line at the Custom Home Group Website.