Monday, October 10, 2016

Tip for Branding: Own your Name

Own your Brand Name on Social Networks.

Sites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and perhaps YouTube can be important for your brand.
This is perhaps more important than having a custom web address, because these social networks are free, and last forever (or as long as the company lasts). As long as you own your brand name on social media then even if your web address expires and someone else buys it, you still control your brand on all networks, and you might keep most of your followers.

Find a different network of people to find on each social network.

Some people get their daily updates from Twitter, while others get it on YouTube, Facebook, Television, etc.
Even if you don't plan on using all of the social networks I suggest making a page for your brand, just so that you own the name and control the updates.
  •  = @YourBrand

This also serves as a timestamp for copyrighting your brand and content.

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