How to Make a Video Game

Coming up with an idea for a video game has always been easy enough, but up until now its not been so easy to execute the plan. Old video game creation required lots of coding, but with some of the software below you can create a lot with none, or just simple programming. You'll need to make all the assets, and put it all together in a bug free environment using the right IDE

Creating Models, Textures, Buildings, Other Assets

Usually the most time consuming part, and that which overall affects how good your game is going to look, is the creation of all the assets. A small team or solo game maker might start with simple assets made with Blender, Photoshop, etc. and whatever is included with the software. Buildings, terrain, and other models can be replaced later by professionally created models and textures, in a well organized project.
Use simple models and assets included with the software to create the overally layout of your levels.

RPG Maker MV

RPG maker is a fairly simple to use software that has been releasing new versions for almost a decade. Create top-down 2D RPGs for Mac, Android, and Windows easily with lots of pre-made content.


A more advanced game creation software. Unity is used by students and professionals all around the world, and it is free to download and get started with unity, but it's going to require a lot of tutorials to really get the hang of the software, there are plenty of tutorials YouTube. Create any genre of games, with pre-made content and controls for FPS, RPG (third-person gameplay), driving/racing, flying games, and more.

Other Game Engines to Check Out:

Unreal Engine - Advanced - 3D - Windows/MacOs/Linux

Game Maker - Intermediate - 2D - Windows

Construct - Intermediate - 2D - Windows

Stencil - Intermediate - 2D - Windows


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