Saturday, May 19, 2018

Build a Gaming PC for Under $600

Building your own gaming rig can definitely save you some money compared to buying a pre-built one.
The parts you'll need are listed below, and we've made sure they all work well together to play the latest games in 2018. Also works great for game design, graphic design, and video/sound editing.
Once you're ready to put it all together go to page two for the tutorial on the actual building of the computer.

The Computer Case

The Computer Tower itself will house all the hardware. Cooler Master HAF is a nicely organized tower, and great for doing exactly what the name implies, keeping the hardware cool (and looks cool at the same time).

Power Suppply

All of the internal hardware needs power. This 500 watts power supply is what we need. The power supply generally comes with all the cables needed for the typical hardware.


The motherboard is the main piece of hardware that you will connect everything else to.
This one is made for AMD processors, which we're going to be using. The Motherboard also includes audio input/output, several USB ports, network input (desktop computers don't use wifi, get an ethernet cable).
And a built in graphics card to connect your TV or monitor - a good backup but we're going to be adding our own graphics card which is even more powerful

Graphics Card

This graphics card can connect to up to two HDMI TVs as well as a monitor. The power of this graphics card is pretty amazing for the price.

Hard Drive

To store your games and software 500gb is more than enough. Why not go with a 1TB harddrive since it's currently the same price as the 500gb, and twice the capacity.


This AMD 6 Core Processor at 3.8 GHz works great for gaming in my experience. For a budget build this processor is ideal.

8gb of RAM is good enough for gaming. This corsair pair (2x4gb) is a gamer's choice. The motherboard we're using can hold up to 4 of these, so it's very upgradable.


Luckily DVD drives are pretty inexpensive nowadays. You'll need one unless you download all your games from Steam etc. You'll also be ready to burn your own CD mixtapes and DVDs with this.

Extra Cooling Fan

One or two extra fans for cooling should be enough, since our computer case is ventilated from the front with a large fan,  I placed this on the back slot to suck the warmer air out. (I got an extra one just to cool the processor a little bit more.)


Saitek's slick looking gaming keyboards with backlit keys and wide button placement is ideal for gaming. The keyboard is soft and silent, has macro functions, and adjustable height, angle, and armrest. I've had mine since 2013.

Gaming Mouse 

I'd recommend this logitec gaming mouse. A fast and ergonomic shaped mouse with programmable functions. For gaming I recommend using wired, and not wireless. Both for speed and to save money.
And you don't want to run out of battery in the middle of a game.

HDMI Cable 

This is for connecting your computer to your HDTV or monitor

Total =$566
Please note the prices may have changed since this article was written.
This build does not include a monitor and assumes you have a TV to connect for gaming, or that you have a monitor already.


Xbox One Controller - Steam Controller.

Both are excellent choices for PC gaming. The steam controller has switched out the right analog stick for a touch sensitive pad, which can be a bit unusual for gaming. But good as an alternative mouse or Virtual Device.

Virtual Reality.

If you need a monitor check out one of these 17 inch monitors for under $200.