A cure for Gout?

Gout is a painful condition resulting from the buildup of uric acid crystals in a joint. This can be caused by genetics, certain drugs, or a diet of rich foods. The homeopathic remedies listed below may provide relief for painful attacks. A doctor should be consulted to prevent further episodes.

Belladonna 6c

: When symptoms of burning and painful throbbing in a joint occurs, this homeopathic remedy may bring relief. The joint might appear red, swollen, and shiny. The pain will be sharp, and any pressure against the inflamed joint aggravates it . Individuals may be thirsty and hot. Belladonna 6c can be taken three to four times per day for one to two days, discontinuing when the pain diminishes.

Colchicum 6c

: This remedy may help if you have extremely painful case of gout, where just slight movement worsens the pain. The pain is often worse at night, and you might feel very tired and chilly. Colchicum 6c can be taken three to four times per day for one to two days.

Calcarea fluorica 6c

: This remedy may be beneficial if you have stabbing pain in the affected joint, which may “crack” on movement. There might be swollen, perhaps deformed joints. Pain is relieved by gentle movement and warmth. Calcarea fluorica 6c can be taken every two hours, up to six doses, in acute cases. Thereafter and in chronic cases, three to four doses can be taken daily until improvement is noted.


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