Monday, June 17, 2013

Building Your Gaming Computer for Under $600

So you wish to put together your own computer? Smart move! Building your own gaming rig can definitely save you some money compared to buying a pre-built one.
The parts you'll need are listed below and they are all guaranteed to work together.

Computer Case
The Computer Tower itself will house all the hardware. The Cooler Master case is great for doing exactly what the name implies, keeping the hardware cool. And it looks cool at the same time.

Power Suppply

Some of the internal hardware needs to be connected directly to a power supply. The motherboard for example. This 500 watts power supply is enough for all the parts in this build. And comes with all the cables you need.


The motherboard is the main piece of hardware that you will connect all the other hardware onto.
This one is made for the AMD processors, like we're going to be using. The Motherboard also includes audio input/output, several USB ports, and network input (for the ethernet cable).

Graphics Card
The graphics card can connect to a HDMI TV as well as newer monitors. The power of this graphics card is pretty decent for gaming for the price.

Hard Drive
You'll need it to store all the games and software. 500gb is more than enough to install several games. If you want to budget the build even more you can go with a 250gb harddrive which is enough for a few games–maybe 10-15 games installed.

This AMD Quad Core processor works great for gaming in my experience. For a budget build this processor is ideal. You could go with an intel i7 for extreme power but then it will start to get expensive, and then you'll need a different motherboard too.

8gb memory is good enough for gaming. This corsair pair (2x4gb) is a gamer's choice. The motherboard we're using can hold up to 4 of these, so it's very upgradable.


The DVD Rom is pretty inexpensive nowadays. You'll just need it for installing games, watching movies etc. You can also burn your own CDs and DVDs with this.

Cooling Fan

One fan for extra cooling. It also light up which looks pretty cool. One of these is enough for this build since the case we're using has a big fan in the front. I placed this on the back slot to cool the processor. (I got an extra one for the side/window slot just to make it look cool)

Not just a nice looking keyboard. With backlit keys and wide button placement is ideal for gaming. The keys are soft and silent. And you can adjust the height, angle, and armrest of the keyboard. You could find cheaper keyboards but I recommend this for the price.

Gaming Mouse 
A fast and ergonomic shaped mouse with nine programmable functions. For both the keyboard and mouse I recommend using wired, and not wireless. Both for speed and to save money.
And you don't want to run out of battery in the middle of a game.

HDMI Cable 

This is for connecting your computer to your HDTV or monitor

Total =$564.29
This build does not include a monitor and assumes you have a TV to connect for gaming. Or that you have a monitor already. If you need to purchase a monitor and still wish to keep the total under $600 I recommend going for a bit cheaper version of the processor, the Phenom II X4 , and a 250gb harddrive instead. And maybe a 'regular' mouse/keyboard. Then you could get one of these 17 inch monitors. That's a good enough size for gaming, in my opinion, to get the full 1080p experience.