Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Chrome Browser Tips: "Read Later", Bookmarklets, Sharing

Some more tips for Google Chrome.

Using bookmarklets to share a page to social media (pinterest,twitter,etc.) saves you the pain of having to install an app. "How to use bookmarklets"

Bookmarking things in a "read later" folder:

When I'm on a Website I'd like to Read Later I Bookmark it into a folder 

Easy in Chrome – Two ways to Fave a Page:

  • Click the Star in the Address Bar — Select a folder.
  • Or just drag the Secure Site Icon straight to your Desktop, into a Folder, or to your Bookmarks Bar — it makes a shortcut to the page you are reading.

https secure site icon
The only problem is my Read Later folder was filling up faster than I could possibly read (even with a speed-reader).