How To Record Footage From Ps4 or Xbox One

Do you want to learn How To Live Stream, or maybe just record some footage for yourself? Well then you've come to the right place.

You will need:
  1. A Capture Device like Cloner Box Pro
  2. A Computer for streaming and editing - or a USB based storage system.
  3. A Video Game Device and the right cables
And for those coming from the old article, there's now finally something better than the HD PVR2 Recorder by Hauppauge!

The newest device I will recommend is Cloner Box pro. It makes it super easy to record your footage from many devices including Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, DV, VCR, etc. in 1080p quality for recording, while the footage still streams to your screen in full resolution up to 4K, with "no delay" video passthrough. 
Cloner Box pro comes with video editing software and most of what you need to get into live streaming to YouTube/Twitch/Mixer as well.
My advice is Just Learn OBS (Open Broadcasting Software). You will need it to make custom cool streaming effects, backgrounds, etc.
There's no computer required to record. Cloner Box has input for HDMI/VGA/AV/YPbPr, and sends the files to your computer OR external flash drive via USB. Comes with the cables, USB and and HDMI cable to connect to the TV. And with the "no delay" passthrough you don't have to worry about lags while you  play on the screen, like the old capture card method.. 

Capture With Capture Card in 4k Resolution?

Utilizing the speed of your computer, and with a good capture card, you can potentially capture better than 1080p quality. 

You'll need 
  1. A capture card with HDMI Input, like one of these.
  2. An HDMI splitter with at least 1 input and two or more outputs.
You'll need a way to split the footage to watch yourself playing while the computer records. Since the video cables will go into your computer.

Any delay depends on the speed of your computer and the capture card.
The setup here is somewhat simple. Your Console's HDMI cable goes into the splitter's input, and the extra HDMIs go into the outputs, one going to your TV and one to the capture card. Then you'll need a editing software like OBS (see links above) to record or stream from the computer.


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